Bishop and Allen descendants

John Jesse Bishop or Jesse J. Bishop as stated on his Marriage License is a brother to Charlie, David, Andrew, George and sisters Mary Jane Rooks Bishop and Parilee Rooks Woods Bigham.  Their father  Robert S. Bishop b. 1830 in SC.  Robert is belived to have been married twice, once to Jane unknown and once to Nancy Tidwell Rooks.   If anyone has further information on this family please e-mail me.

John Jesse Bishop was married first to unknown and had a daughter Dovey Bishop who married a McCullars and had at least two sons Cecil McCullers and unknown McCullers.  The 1910 census shows that J. J. Bishop was married twice and Emma only once.  They were married on September 14, 1890. The 1910 census shows they had been married 20 years.  The 1910 census also shows Emma had borne 9 children, but only 5 were then living.  This would have included Jim, Edgar, Della, Alleen and Paul.  Verna and Jesse had not been born.  John Jesse had a daughter, Dovie by another marriage before Nelia and he were married.

These are the children born to J. J. Bishop b. 12/3/1867 d. 2/10/1917 and Emma "Neeley"  or " Nelia" Allen Bishop b. 11/28/1873 d. 12/9/1923 who lived long enough to marry and have children. J . J. and "Neeley" are buried in Oakhill Cemetery on the left side of Highway 11 going out of Attalla, AL towards Collinsville. Some of their children are buried in that same cemetery.   After the death of J .J .Bishop,  "Neeley" married Alfred Meadows and was found living with him with her children Edgar, Allene, Paul, Vernie and Jessie Bishop in the 1920 Marshall County census at Friendship Beat,  Page 16 A stamped page 146, but left him and came back to their home place in Attalla and lived there until she died..

Hershall Franlkin b. 10/15/1892 d. 10/25/1897. (died as a child)
Annie Bishop b. 9/6/1894 d. 2/12/1896 (died as a child)
Donia Bishop b. 3/10/1900 d. 1/8/1904 (died as a child)
Edwin Bishop b. 7/16/1902 d. 2/4/1903 (died as a child)

Della Bishop b. 7/3/1896 d. 6/2/1970 m. 12/24/1918 Witsel Weeks.
1. Arthur Turene Weeks b. 7/22/1922 d. October 20, 2004 m. 7/16/1944 Lessie Speigle b. - Children:
          1. Regenia Weeks b. 12/1/1949 m. Billy Wayne Hayes, children: Shannon & Misty Hayes
           2nd m. Cranford Allen
          2. Terry Weeks b. 2/16/1951 m. Patricia Boland had one son Jarret Shane Weeks
           b.1/31/1975.  2nd marriage to Kathy Wildman one dau. Kristen Ryan Weeks b.10/20/1982.
2. James Weeks b. 4/11/1924 d.5/27/1982 m.3/31/51 Novaline Laughlin b. 7/16/1934 children,
     i. Ricky  b 3/8/1953 d 8/9/1976  Ricky's children, Gabriel, Joshua and Rick, Jr.
    ii. Steve Weeks b. m. Debra their children, Lindsey and Taylor. 
3. Claude Lee Weeks b. 9/19/1925 d.6/6/1978- m. Jean Kennedy children Keith Weeks b.8/31/1953 m. Penny unknown and Jeanie Katherine (Kathy) Weeks b. 8/20/1955 m 12/20/1975 Raymond Woodley b.11/3/1954 son of Lacey Woodley b. d. and Evelyn Aaron Woodley b.
    2nd m. Peggy Odom daughter Twyla Weeks  b. 9/29/? m. 12/20/1992 Daren Owensby.
4. Maurell Weeks b. 2/1/1929 d. m.4/8/60 Barbara Breur daughter Carla Weeks
5. Mervolene Weeks b.10/20/1919 d. July 21, 2003 m.7/29/1938 Clarence Yother b.- d.
          Children of Mervolene and Clarence Yother:
          1. Ruby 2. Ralph 3. Roger 4. Ruth  m. Emery Vernon Conner 5. Rembert 6. Roy
          7. Ronald 8. Rosalin 9. Robin.10.Ricky Yother
6. Ruth Weeks b. 2/22/1931 m. Karl Jacobson
          Two daughters: Lauri and Lisa.  
7. Eugene Weeks b. 12/22/1933 m.6/17/1956 Myrtle Barker
      1. One daughter Diane. Diane has four children.
Jimmie Bishop (James Ervin Bishop) b. 4/8/1898 d. 5/17/1973 m. 9/24/20 Fannie Aaron b. 3/22/00 d. 12/10/1972
1. Christine b. 9/15/1921 d. 11/20/1939
2. Dorothy b. 8/21/1923 d.12/4/1995 m. Hamp Gilliland b.11/27/1919 d.6/17/1973, children Jack, Wayne, Larry and Billy Gilliland
3. Odis Bishop b. 5/18/1926 m. 3/24/1945 Mavinee Hamrick b. 8/27/1925, sons Odis Paul and James Ellis (Hezie) Bishop,  dau. Susan Bishop Shadix and Julia Bishop McDaniel
4. Billy Bishop b. 2/13/1929 d. 4/6/1947
5. Annie Mae Bishop b. 1/29/1932 married Martin Horsley
          1. Lance Horsley
          2. Harold Lee
          3. Jerry Harrelson b. 12/29/1955 Hollywood FL m. 9/12/1980 in Ridgeland, SC to Polly Hennessey b. 12/2/1955 Sheffield,AL. Children are Melissa Grace Harrelson and Ann Maria Harrelson.
  m. Earl Brumley b. 3/7/1933 d. 9/8/1995 who had son, Earl Brumley
          4. Earline b.5/29/1962 d.7/18/1963
          5. Arlene Brumley b. 
6. Roger Bishop b. 10/28/1933 d. 5/12/1997 m.3/25/1955 Sara Byrd b. children
          1. Randy Bishop b. __ m. Kathy unk. children:  Majesta, Miranda & Jason Bishop
          2. Sandy Bishop Hale
William Edgar Bishop b. 12/13/1904 d. 4/1/61 m. 10/11/1924 Della Daniel b. 6/10/04 d.
William Edgar Bishop b. 12/13/1904 d. 4/1/1961 m. 10/11/1924 Della Daniel b. 6/10/1904 d.  Della met Edgar at a street fair in Attalla.  They courted a while and were married in Attalla by Rev. Cameron on 4th Street at his house.  Della Daniel was raised in the Kenner and Pisga communities in Etowah County.  The family moved to Attalla when Della was a young girl about 10 or 11 years old.  Della worked at the Cohn Ribbon Mill in Attalla where they made hosiery.  Della's father, John William Daniel was a sometimes preacher.  His father, also named John Daniel was born in Fulton County, Georgia.   The family plot is in the cemetery at Whitesboro Baptist Church on Sand Mountain.  John William Daniel, Della's father, had at least two other wives who died before he married Mary Francis Tanner b. 6/5/1880 in Collinsville, DeKalb County, Alabama. She died in 1973 and is buried at Pisga Church next to an infant daughter, Ethyl.  Mary Francis Tanner's father was George Tanner.  John William Daniel's children were: Della, Lula, James, Nina, Willy, Maggie, Bessie, Ida, Docia, Louise, Sarah, Pauline and Ethyl.
1.  James Marvin Bishop b. 2/17/1926 d.4/24/1945 (killed in action in WWII) m. Sarah (Sadie) Jane Engle b. 6/10/1924 d. 4/13/1977 buried Nobel Hill Cem. Attalla, AL. 
          i.  Marvin Anthony Bishop b. 2/20/1945  m.Peggy Ailene Walker           
                              1. Michael Anthony Bishop b. 9/21/1970 m. Nicole A. Nevins
                              2. James Andrew Bishop b. 1/24/1979
After the death of James Marvin Bishop his widow, Sarah E. Bishop married Luther H. Perkins June 13, 1947.  They had two children. 1. Carol Jane Perkins b. 7/24/1948 m. William D. Garrard  2. Luther Daniel Perkins b. 6/4/1950 m. Lynne DeJarnett.
2.  Edward Bishop b. 8/33 m. Peggy
3.  Jerry Bishop b. 5/31/36 m.

John Paul Bishop b.6/17/1909 d.l 0/29/1943 m.11/1927 Rachel Cornealus b.d
1. Ruth Bishop b. 12/17/1928 m. Gene Phillips  dau. Faye
2. Jo Bishop b. 3/24/1931 d.1996 m. Talmedge Gaither b. d. one son Levoy Gaither  m. Sharon unknown one son Chad Gaither m. unknown have two children.
3. Joyce Bishop b. 2/19/1933 d.  m. Ray Palka.  Children Valerie b. 1959, Timmy b. 10/31/1960, Rhonda and Cheryl    Joyce Palka m. Jim Farley.
4. John "Johnny" Bishop b.6/18/1935 d 3/26/2000  m. Patricia unknown children:  Lorie Smith, Terri Sanchez, Jeff Bishop and Jon Phillip Bishop.   John Bishop was a graduate of California State University at Sacremento and was a veteran of the U.S. Air Force.
5. Lacy Bishop b. 6/22/1940 m. Glenda unkown b.1942 d 1/1975  Children: Brian Bishop b. 4/9/1962, Michael Bishop 10/7/1965, and Deann b. 1/15/1970
   Lacy Bishop  m. Olene Dunn  b. 7/26/1937.  Olene was married to Jerry Dunn and children of Jerry and Olene are Jerry Dunn, Jr. and Debra Dunn
Bernice Aileen Bishop b. 3/29/1907 d. 6/1976 m.4/27/1929 Huley Johnson b. -d.
1.Buena Rhea b. 5/22/1925 d.7/16/1999 m. James Lancaster b.___ children:
                 Juanita, Lageita & Mike Lancaster 
2.Evelyn b. 6/9___ d. ____, m. Doyle Keener b.___
3. Bruce Johnson b. 3/15/___ m. Kelly Johnson one son Reed Johnson

Verna Mae Bishop b. 8/1/1912 d. 6/15/1979 m. 7/18/1930 Lovern Busby b.7/6/1911 d. 1/13/1995
1. Dwight Lavaughn Busby b. 4/10/1931 m. Novaline Laughlin div. m. Lucille Garrison b. ____  children with Lucille Garrison
          1. Dwight Warren Busby b. 7/7/1956 d. 10/10/1998
          2.  Charlotte Andra Busby b. 5/20/1959 m. 9/4/1977 Ernest Richard Fries II b. 5/10/1948 children:
                    1. Ernest Richard Fries III b. 8/11/1981
                    2. Desiree Maria b. 11/23/1983
                    3. Cassity Andra 12/12/1993.
2. Glenda Yvonne Busby m. 10/25/1966 James Randolph Strickland b. 6/29/1942  one son
          1.  Scott Allen Strickland b. 7/19/1970 m. Leah Hope Tenpenny b. 8/11/1969 dau. of Rev. Jess W. Tenpenny and wife Dwanna.  Scott and Hope have one daughter, Lydia Ruth b. 11/07/2000
          Glenda m. 7/23/1986 Michael Purvell George b. 1/12/1955 div. 1992
      Glenda married on 2/26/1998 to Drennon J. Mayo b. 7/21/1951 . . .
Jessie Junior Bishop b. 10/1/1916 d. 11/7/1970 m. 9/28/1940 Frances Street b.July 21, 1922 d. June 30, 2005.  Frances Street was the daughter of Judge Miller "J. M." Street and Lola Baker.Street.
1. Fran b. ___  m. Jamie Sullivan b.___ children of Fran and Jamie:
          1.  David b.4/19/1980
          2.  Angela b. 5/2/1982
2. Dale b. ____ m. Stephen Sims b.__ children Chris, Shannon and Stephanie.

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